Post-conference Tour

Friday 9th December leaving from the university Chancellery at 7.30am returning late Saturday 10th December. There are limited places available and will be given to those paying the full cost first – merely ticking the box on registration will not guarantee a seat.

This will be a two full day tour to give visiting delegates an affordable taste of some of what our beautiful State of Western Australia has to offer down south in the way of a variety attractions, even some that relate directly with the theme of the conference.  

We will travel by coach from the university very early Friday 9th December, stay overnight in Pemberton and return late Saturday, so if you are keen to come, please arrange your return flights on Sunday 11th. We have tried to keep the cost down by subsiding the tour ourselves and assuming numbers are sufficient we will keep the cost at $385 (inc. 10% GST). The only expenditure you will have is some of your meals.

Day 1

Stop 1: Busselton Jetty and underwater observatory. The longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere. Take a ride on the jetty train to visit one of only six of the world’s natural underwater observatories.


Stop 2: Lunch near the Jetty at the Shelter Brewing Company.


Stop 3: Evans & Tate Winery in the heart of the Margaret River region. Enjoy a relaxing cheese and wine tasting overlooking their splendid vineyards.


Stop 4: Follow Aboriginal and Noongar Elder, Josh Whiteland, on his unique Koomal Dreaming tour down into the Ngilgi Caves and experience not only his didgeridoo playing within the cave but his wealth of traditional knowledge and history.







Stop 5: Late afternoon tea beside the iconic Margaret River or take a stroll into the town itself.


Stop 6: A brief tour around the unique Witchcliffe Ecovillage then on to our final destination for the day in Manjimup for dinner and our resting place for the night.




Day 2

Stop 1: Take a 10km ride before lunch on the quaint privately operated Pemberton Tram through deep forest and picturesque countryside whilst recreating the history of the timber railways that were fundamental to the regions development.


Stop 2: Lunch at the Pemberton Hotel, a traditional 19th Century Australian hotel (pub).


Stop 3: Visit the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk designed toimmerse you in the forest and leave the ecosystem untouched, a truly unique experience.  


Stop 4: Our final stop for the tour at The Cidery in beautiful Bridgetown where we will provide you with a meal, but you will have to buy your own drinks.


Stop 5: The coach will be back in Perth late evening to return you as close as is convenient to where you are staying.


Remember to book early via the website as numbers are limited.