Short Courses

Two short courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, will be offered on Sunday 4th December to give early arrivals an opportunity to hear from experts in two specific areas of current technology development. Courses will cost $66 and $33 for students (inc GST) with lunch provided for all attendees. This short course requires an in-person registration or website registration.

Course 1:
The Hydrogen Economy and Technology
The Hydrogen Society of Australia (HSA) will present a short course on hydrogen as a primary source and nature of energy; the security of supply and equity of hydrogen distribution; the environmental impact of hydrogen supply and utilization. All of these areas are crucial matters to be addressed by hydrogen suppliers and consumers, governments, industry, academia, and financial institutions. Click on this link for full detail of the course.

This short course will only be accessible in person.

Following this short course in the morning the HSA will present an industry workshop in the afternoon where industry leaders will present their projects’ development, technical challenges, and barriers that hinder the Hydrogen Economy advancement. Presentations will be followed by a round table discussion to resolve the technical challenges and overcome regulatory, policy, and financial barriers.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear directly from the Hydrogen Industry leaders and discuss their insights with the subject matter experts and the WREC 2022 conference delegates. Click on this link for full detail of the course and for registration.   

Course 2:
Lithium Valley, Renewable Energy and the Battery Storage Revolution
This short course will set out a series of trends and considerations critical to successfully navigating the infrastructure and industrial development challenges of the renewable energy and battery storage revolution.  Surging private and public investment in renewable energy generation, distribution infrastructure and battery storage is driving the biggest reorganisation of global supply chains, trade dynamics and human settlements since fossil fuels triggered the industrial revolution. For further detail and the program please click on this link.