The following broad areas and topics are currently planned to be under discussion during the conference. This list will likely be modified as the conference program develops.

Economic Recovery

- Carbon neutral economy.
- Economics of renewable energy.
- Manufacturing issues and emissions trading.
- Renewable energy for sustainable development.
- Renewable energy integration, and the water and energy nexus.
 - Climate change and environmental issues.

The Built Environment

- Bioclimatic architecture.
- Decarbonising cities and regions.
- Low energy architecture.
- Smart cities and smart grids.
- Zero carbon urban design.
- Energy storage and batteries.

Transport and the Hydrogen Economy

- Electric vehicles.
- Renewable energy and transport.
- Hydrogen and energy storage.
- Green steel.
- Green ammonia.
 -The hydrogen Highway.

Policy Issues

- Governance for low carbon communities and infrastructure.
- Regulatory and policy issues.
- Renewable energy to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
- Remote area power supply (RAPS).
- Integration of renewable energy/distributed energy resources in power grids.
- Energy for future electricity networks.


- Biofuels and energy from waste.
- Energy from biomass.
- Geothermal energy.
- Photovoltaic technologies.
- Rooftop solar.
- Wind energy.
- Wave, tidal & ocean.
- Solar thermal